Flying Squirrel Pizza coming to Maple Leaf in May

February 21, 2011

in Restaurants

We all know at this point – and Maple Leaf Life officially reported – but A New York Pizza Place has closed.

The good news? It’ll be replaced by Flying Squirrel Pizza Co., which has locations in Seward Park and Ballard and has terrific reviews on Yelp and elsewhere.

According to Flying Squirrel’s Facebook page, the joint will open up in Spring. I’ve read reports that Spring means May. We have a few months to wait, but it’ll be worth it! Flying Squirrel offers some terrific, uniquely Seattle things: they offer Molly Moon’s ice cream (wahoo!), and use Salumi meat and a lot of organic produce on their pizzas.

Has anyone been to Flying Squirrel at its other locations? I haven’t yet – but I’m so excited to try it when it comes to Maple Leaf!

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