Homes in Maple Leaf sell faster than most of Seattle

October 6, 2011

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Signs of the Times

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Many of us have witnessed “For Sale” signs that linger for weeks — often months — in our neighborhood.

But what you might not know is that homes in Maple Leaf are going faster than in most parts of Seattle. According to analysis that Zillow did for CNBC, the Maple Leaf neighborhood came in ninth among all Seattle ‘hoods for the time it took to sell a home.

Here in Maple Leaf, the median time homes took to sell over the past year was 67 days, and the typical home is worth $351,836.

Maple Leaf beat out Green Lake, which came in 11th. Our neighbors in Ravenna came in at number 5, while Bryant took third. Phinney Ridge boasts the fastest-selling homes, with the median time homes took to sell at 53 days.

The report found more good news for all of Seattle. Homes sell faster in Seattle than in any U.S. city — other than San Francisco. That doesn’t mean homes are selling at the price that homeowners want, though. In Seattle, nearly 34 percent of home listings have cut their price, with the final sales price averaging 2 percent less than the list price.

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